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10 Things To Know About Rowe Family Chiropractic Center

Posted: August 5, 2013
By: Drs. Nicholas and Keri Rowe

10 Things To Know About Rowe Family Chiropractic Center


1. If you ask for Dr. Rowe you'll get both of us to turn around.

2. We adjust spines, not attitudes. Sorry parents (and spouses)!

3. When checking in, be gentle with the iPad.  It has feelings too.

4. If Dr. Nick can't find his spine most likely Dr. Keri has it. Why are you laughing?

5. The woodpecker, the jackhammer, and any variation of gun (i.e. ray gun) are all acceptable names for the arthrostim instrument.  Also, the decompression table may be called the stretcher but "the rack" seems crude.

6. If a little girl draws you a picture her name is Audrey.  If she is presently hugging you her name is Chloe.

7. If we advise Class IV Laser treatments we aren't reffering to hair removal.

8. Our favorite song is not "Twist and Shout".

9. Our office emphasizes family but don't expect us to make you dinner or call you names.

10. We love when people "Like" us on Facebook and "Share" us with everyone they know.


Posted: July 26, 2013
By: Drs. Nicholas and Keri Rowe

Ducks quack! 'Tors tic!

This is what we (chiropractors, or in this case just 'tors) are taught in college.  'Tic, tic, tic (as in chiropracTIC). You see the word doctor means teacher; so in a way, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, part of my job is to teach.  That is what this space will be I hope.

So back to quacking and ticking!  When I "tic", I talk chiropracTIC, which I do quite often.  It's a sight to behold as you can imagine. How does this work, you ask? Lets say in a normal conversation you brought up how you were late to dinner due to the traffic on I-75. It would not be uncommon for me to respond, "That's just like chiropractic because if there is interference in the nervous system, from a bone pressing on a nerve, it is just like traffic on I-75. The mental impulses can't get to where they need to go and the body suffers pain or a lack of function as a result.  We need to move the bone, or the traffic jam, to remove the interference".  Get it?  Thats "tic"-ing!  Now someone reading this just had a reaction...QUACK!  You think I'm crazy; there is no way that by popping your back you can feel better, get better, or be better, right? I know exactly where you are coming from.  I too have been there.  You see I'm not only the president of the hair club for men but...I'm also a client (metaphorically speaking of course, I actually have pretty great hair..check the pics on the website for proof!).  I was a patient long before I was a chiropractor and let me tell you something... I thought my chiropractor was a quack then too!  Lets rewind for a minute like a Wayne's World flashback.

I have two memories from when I was 5 years old and these are two of my earliest memories.  First, I knew I was called to be a Doctor.  I knew clear as day, in the depths of my heart and soul that this was promised to me.  Second, I had my first migraine headache.  As you can imagine, it's tough studying as much as necessary when you have a 3 day migraine and all you want is ice, dark, and a hug from your mother.  We tried the meds.  We tried all kinds of treatments time and time again, for years, and nothing worked.  About the time we had exhausted all these options my Uncle told me his story of how his Quack cured his low back. So I thought I'd find a quack of my own.

I went to where everyone goes to find their local quack -  my high school's alumni page.   I found the only chiropractor to graduate from there (I'm the second).  I called and made an appt.  His office was very relaxing and very informative.  It wasnt new-agey or tree-huggy.  It didnt smell like incense and I didnt see any voodoo dolls or cauldrons.  I was kind of shocked that this seemed normal.  Both of his assistants looked like people you would grow up with, heck, they could have been your cousin or friend from down the street.  Again, very normal.  However, it soon became abnormal.

The Quack sat down with me for 30 minutes or so.  'Tic, tic, tic, tic! We talked about me, my life and health, my hobbies and goals.  He gave me a chiropractic exam checking out my back, neck and extemities.  Then he took some xrays.  After another 30 minutes or so he brought me into a room to show me my films and explained what the problem was and how it could be fixed.  Then he explained "subluxation" and "adjustment" (save these words in the back of your mind because we will tackle this in future posts......SPOILER ALERT!) What happened next was nothing short of astonishing.  He adjusted my neck and instantly the migraine I had walking in, was gone.  As I type this it has been 15 years since that adjustment and I have NEVER had another migraine.  He explained to me the importance of continuing care and fixing the problem (we'll get there as well) and I soaked up every word.  I followed it to a tee and here I am today telling you! Let me recap.  HE sat down with me, HE never asked about my migraines, HE showed me my xrays, HE explained what the problem was, HE fixed it, and all in a brief afternoon my life was forever changed.  No other doctor did any of these things.  In that moment I knew that promise deep in my heart, to be a doctor, was more specifically for me to be a Chiropractor!  I was meant to be a Quack!

SOooo where am I going with all this.  You may think this whole chiropractic thing is a joke and I'm a Quack.  Fine with me, because when push comes to shove the most important thing I have learned in my career is this:  It's not about me. It's about you, the patient!

So whether this blog ends up reading like a duck quacking or a 'Tor ticking just know that a long time ago someone told me about chiropractic and I'm gonna use this opportunity to share this gift, we call chiropractic, with you.


God made the body. God heals the body. The chiropractor removes the interference.


In health,

     Dr. Nick